June 2, 2017

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Howard writing:  We’re driving up the beautiful Willamette Valley on our way to Newport, Oregon for the launch tomorrow.  The adventure seems surreal at this point; I feel a little like an imposter – all plan, no execution.  Tomorrow, I will feel differently when I finally point the bike eastward and hit the road.

I’m filled with many emotions at the moment … excitement, terror, elation.  But mostly I’m filled with gratitude for the chance to do this ride, and love and gratitude for my wonderful family and friends who have encouraged and supported me in fulfilling this longtime dream.   Wendy, especially, has been the biggest supporter of all – without her participating in the ride, it might not have happened.  Thank you to all – I will carry you with me on every mile.

Wendy writing:  So happy to have the prep behind us and finally be on the open road. I’m in awe of what Howard is taking on. He’s been training these past many months, and all systems are go for tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to seeing our country and Canada at a 60-mile/day pace.  This is much slower motion than we normally have in our lives. Each day, I’m looking forward to cycling about 30 miles on my e-bike, and having space and time on my own.  I’m keenly aware of the privileged life I’m living, with the luxury of time for Howard’s and my cross-country trip together.  In gratitude- game on!


  1. Congratulations, Wendy and Howard! So many preparations over the past months, and you are now on your way! I’m looking forward to your updates. Please post pictures as well!

  2. I hope this is the right place to comment.

    It must feel great to finally be on your way after so much dedicated preparation. Nothing short of an awesome effort!

    Best wishes to both of you .

  3. We are so jealous! Be safe!

  4. David Emanuel

    June 3, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    Words for “the road” from Arlene Gay Levine –

    Here is the road: the light
    comes and goes then returns again.
    Be gentle with your fellow travelers
    as they move rough the world of stone and stars
    whirling with you yet everyone alone.
    The road waits.
    Do not ask questions but when it invites you
    to dance at daybreak, say yes.
    Each step is the journey; a single note the song.

    Blessings friends on your journey east & sweet music!

  5. Wow, a journey of a lifetime, truly! Thanks so much for setting the blog up so we can follow your travels and send you messages as you go along your way. What a slice of America you will be seeing along the way. Blessings and hugs all along the way. I second Yana’s request for photos too! Love, Annie

  6. I’m excited to read your updates! This is going to be an amazing trip. I hope you post pictures!

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