June 3, 2017 – Newport to Corvallis, Oregon

Howard writing:  The first cycling day is in the books – a great one.  The morning was spent in continuing to refine our camping and departure systems.  There are systems for everything – finding things, preparing the bikes for the day, making sure the trailer is ready to roll, arranging snacks, and on and on.  This meant we didn’t actually start to ride until close to noon.

Newport is a genuine fishing town, with a working historic district that we passed through on the route.

We had fun lunch at a bbq benefit for the Siletz Grange – $6 each, and here’s a $20 bill; keep the change.  Big spenders from California.  We chatted for quite a while with some very friendly people – in fact, all we have met are friendly people.

Politics never seems to come up in these casual conversations, but it’s definitely present.

The ride from Siletz over the Coastal Range was just spectacular.  It follows the Siletz river for around 20 miles, then climbs up to some sweet hamlets near the summit.  I was surprised to see a rainbow flag flying in front of one little farm, and a peace sign displayed at a little crossroad.

There was almost no traffic.  Beautiful streams, wildflowers, pastures, the occasional clear-cut hillside, and great tranquility.

Back on the main road, Hwy 20, for the last 15 miles was much less enjoyable. Still, the trip has had a great start.


  1. Ellen and Louis

    June 4, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    We are thinking of you and cheering you both on! What an amazing way to see the country and talk to people at such a time of profound division. We know you will bring the wonderful values, open heart, and kindness to all you encounter.

    love to you both

  2. Howard: We are so excited to have you and Wendy start this adventure! It has been your dream to do something like this since your early cycling trips to Disneyland (and I thought THAT was incredibly far from LA…) during your high school days…but to see you start out on this trip opens whole levels of possibilities. We look forward to being along for the ride as you ride into the ?sunrise. We can’t wait to see what happens….

    Love, your big sis, Ronnie, and Chuck

  3. Alright,excited for you both! Happy trails will be thinking of you, pedal safely!

  4. Jenny and Dave, Herefordshire, England

    June 5, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Hello Howard and Wendy. We are following your progress and wish you a wonderful journey.

  5. Connie Parsons

    June 6, 2017 at 6:29 am

    Dear Howard and Wendy,
    Wow! It’s really happening. You are on your way! Thanks so much for biking and blogging. I feel like I get to “go along for the ride” and share in your adventure… I am cheering for you both, all the way! Sending love, along with the cheers!!! Connie

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