1. Good luck, enjoy, and ride safe!

  2. David Emanuel

    June 3, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    We’re very excited for you two. Everything you’ve shared with us in the lead up to this grand adventure speaks to you passion for living open and authentic lives. Thanks for setting up the blog and sharing some slices with us all – your fans! Love, D & A

  3. Hoorah and CONGRATULATIONS! We look forward to the vicarious trip with you. Now, how about, since Montreal is a couple of hours from Burlington, VT, we find a way to connect with you. I’m sure you won’t want any detours down here (although it is a LOVELY state and you are most welcome to stay with us,) but maybe we can come up to join you.
    My nephew drove cross country the other direction last summer and we enjoyed his blogs along the way. Friends of theirs biked from VT to CA via Washington at the same time. Their one tip was: bring paper maps!! Cell phone coverage is not usually available where most needed.
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Janet & EdwardsSmith

  4. in al bocca di lupo!


    I am so excited for the both of you will be waiting for your posts. Ride safely

  6. Wow! What an amazing trip so far! I just went over your itinerary, hoping that there was a way to intersect. It won’t work on the road, but I’m following your blog, loving pictures and narrative. Thanks for sharing! I love your anecdotes about the people and the culture you encounter. You can learn a lot from local radio! Here’s wishing you sunny skies, tail winds, quiet roads, and tires that don’t need changing. Weather drama is wonderful but best enjoyed in camp, sipping something warm or cold.

  7. Walter Villavicencio

    June 12, 2017 at 6:41 am

    Nice job neighbors!! Fun times! The Villa Boys

  8. Dear Wendy, thank you for sharing your journey, what a trip! My mind is traveling with you, the daily story is very interesting full of passion sweet memory and it touched people’s heart, I was tearing by reading the story, the path gives us everything about how to live our life.
    Good luck to you and Howard, looking forward to hear your more.

  9. Go for it, Wendy and Howard!
    So glad your trip has started out so well and that all your organization and prep is finally paying off. Your itinerary looks amazing and ambitious too. Enjoying your blog and stories of “the locals”. Keep the photos coming too. Be safe and have fun!

    Sue & Robert

    What a great experience! And running into Janet!
    So glad you decided to send your email again. I checked my trash and did a search and did find your email from May 24, but June 1 or 2 is missing. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping all was going as well as you hoped.
    Will be following your progress. Take care and don’t break a leg!

  11. Hi Howard — awesome!!! Really enjoying reading your blog posts. Are you guys passing through the Denver area? Let me know if you are!

  12. Howard and Wendy – Here’s to your fantastic adventure! Thank you for bringing us along with you!

  13. Amazing scenery and experiences, you guys. You bring America to life in all of its glory and variety. The kindnesses you have experienced along with the opportunity to hear views “outside the bubble” (I would say coastal, not just SF) will help us all to imagine how to come together. Remember if you have any medical questions, you just need to text! –We love you and hugs to Reed and Amanda!

  14. Mary Kay Black

    July 15, 2017 at 9:07 pm


    How I enjoyed visiting with all of you at the Redlin Art Center in Watertown, SD. I wish I was going home for the evening instead of my next job of the day — I would of invited you to my home for supper. Have safe travels — and come see us again here in Watertown, SD.

  15. way cool that doug was able to join in on this stretch. and kudos to you guys for finding the beauty in the midwest! (i remember being grateful for my 4 college years in Indiana just because it pushed me to find the beauty in places we Californians don’t normally venture!)
    And you guys look super-fit (i am just getting back into exercise after a year of back and other injuries; struggled up the east bay hills for the first time in a year this week!). but we’re getting ready for 2 weeks of camping and hiking in the Sierras, before we join the Franks for a week of hiking in the North Cascades. so hope to be fit again by the end of summer! Big congrats on making it halfway across the USA! I do love a good quest, and you guys are definitely on one! Keep it up!

  16. Hi Wendy, Howard. I’ve been enjoying the tour vicariously from my desk without the bugs or rain in my face but getting to enjoy the scenery and joy of seeing America through your photos and comments. I owe you for the pleasure of sharing your notes and the views. Lots to catch up on when you get here – warm dry beds and hot showers are waiting in New Hampshire. Enjoy your days in Wisconsin. I was there last week – Madison – working in my main lab. I go about every 2-3 months. Strike up a conversation with anyone in Wisconsin and you’ll soon be adopted into their family to be fed and hugged as only people surviving those long winters know how to do. Take care, see you soon. Tom

  17. I’m loving following your blog. I really enjoy your stories and photos about the interesting people you meet along the way. Best wishes for continued safe travels.

  18. Rich and I were thrilled to be able to rendezvous with you in Manitowoc. Next time, on to Door County, Wisconsin!

  19. Joanna Armbruster

    August 8, 2017 at 1:24 am

    What an honor to share half a day of your epic adventure with you yesterday Howard! You’re getting to know your country and ours like few will ever do and I envy you. I hope the rest of your kilometers and miles are as pleasing as the thousands you’ve already done. Enjoy your retirement! (I don’t think that actually needs to be said to someone like you..)
    Joanna & Armin, of Waterloo, Ontario

  20. august 14th
    The Haltiners are just back from 2 weeks camping in the Sierras with family. California is spectacular this summer after a wonderful winter of rain. Never seen so many wildflowers! We just cooked up a fabulous Salmon from DB-fishing is good this year as well. Looks like your trip goes well! you both look fit and fabulous! Congrats on making it past the 3000 mile mark! that’s fantastic!
    We head up to Seattle this weekend to go backpacking with Jon, Kathy and Toby the dog (I’m counting on Toby to carry my pack! 🙂 Good luck as you near the completion of your trip! Our Best; Jeff and Kim

  21. Hi, Howard and Wendy!

    Just a note to let you know I’ve read every word; looked at every photo and video and have loved every bit of it. Thanks so much for your faithful blogging and sharing your wondrous journey with all your faithful followers.


    Greg and Connie

  22. It was a delight to join you for the past 3 days cycling from Brockville to Montreal. Howard is a “certified” lean, mean cycling machine. Wendy riding high on her Gazelle enjoying the countryside was able to keep up to Howard’s pace of 15-17 mph while I drafted behind her. She even provided periodic misting from her spray bottle. After she did her mid cycle u-turn to retrieve the van & camper I was on my own maintaining speed and drafting when possible. Thanks for going easy on me Howard ;~) It was an unexpected pleasure to visit Grandma Edie’s home and enjoy lunch with you both as the old building continues its life and plays its part as the Willard Hotel in Upper Canada Village. We lucked out on the weather and the great bike trail views along the St Lawrence River & Seaway. All the best as you continue on to the North Atlantic

  23. Many thanks for sharing your great adventure!!!!

  24. Well done and thank you so much for posting! It has been fabulous reading about your adventures.

  25. I finally caught up on your trip this morning, and oh my what a wonderful journey you two have had! Thank you for sharing this amazing adventure with all of us. Till we meet again, get some rest and take care.

  26. Hi Howard. This is Melvin. When are you returning to SF?

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